Hiring Hands has access to qualified job seekers across the western provinces who are safety-trained and looking for temporary and permanent employment. Hiring Hands specializes in filling positions in commercial construction, industrial work, residential construction and renovation, and highway projects. We can also find you the best employee for work in transportation and equipment operation, private home care agencies, non-profit agencies, professional office environments, sales, and more. We pride ourselves on referring the best calibre employees to our client employers for any job, big or small, long or short.

How It Works:

We have a constant flow of new job seekers and people contacting our office on a daily basis in response to our advertisements across Saskatchewan. We can save you both time and money by helping you find workers to fill any job vacancy.

Our Process:

Temporary Employees – Project Based

Hiring Hands will choose qualified candidates who can successfully complete the entire work project for your company. Temporary employees are dispatched and paid by Hiring Hands and you pay only for actual hours worked. Hiring Hands provides payroll administration and workers’ compensation coverage.

We pay our employees according to industry standards to ensure you get the very best candidates for your projects. Typically employees are safety trained or we can ensure safety certifications based on your site requirements. Employees provide their own personal protective equipment for the job site and, if needed, can provide their own basic tools.

For temporary assignments we will dispatch qualified employees directly to your worksite and we will ensure that all men are ready and accounted for at the time the work is scheduled to start. Just give us one or two days’ notice and we will find and send you skilled employees for your work. If an employee is not suitable for your work, we will refill the position immediately and to your satisfaction.


Permanent Employees - Pre-screening Applicants

Hiring Hands conducts ongoing advertising and networking to recruit potential candidates. All advertising is factored into the cost of your placement and is at no extra cost to you. We will direct applicants to apply to our offices, thus saving you time screening candidates, receiving applications from unqualified job seekers, responding to general inquiries, and time spent interviewing candidates to find the right candidate for your job(s). All candidates referred to permanent positions will be screened according to your company criteria. When hiring a permanent employee, all you have to do is make a final hiring decision from the choice applicants directed to your office for interviews.

We want to exceed your expectations in terms of the service and personnel we provide to your company so you are billed for our services only after you hire the right person for the job. Unlike newspaper advertising, you pay far less for a full range of recruitment services, you get the right candidate for the job, and you save money on advertising costs that may not have even produced a likely job candidate. Hiring Hands is committed to sending you only the best-qualified candidates for your jobs.


Benefits of using an employment agency :

  • We have a large pool of temporary employees who have demonstrated a good work ethic and quality of work with other employers...employees who are ready and able to go to work for you today! We can also find qualified employees living in the area where you are working.
  • On short notice, we can find and dispatch suitable employees to your work site. Your company pays a flat hourly fee based on our employees’ actual hours of work. We pay the employee and the employer portion of Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan coverage, vacation pay, and statutory holiday pay. We also provide workers’ compensation coverage. 
  • Hiring Hands will keep the employee on our payroll for the first three-month probationary period if that is what you choose. That way, you get to monitor the employee's performance and reliability to ensure a good long-term fit with your company.
  • We can save you time and money by sending the right person first!